We’ve designed many types of Advanced Resources accessible to you absolutely free with the TreeCloudHost Site Control Panel! They’re intended for web designers as well as for site owners who want to maintain their website hosting surroundings themselves. It’s easy to generate an .htaccess file, modify the PHP version for one’s web hosting account, alter the php.ini file, arrange different automatic tasks and scripts, and a lot more!

All Advanced Resources stick to the layout pattern of our Site Control Panel, leading them to be extremely convenient.

Hotlink Protection

Protect yourself against bandwidth theft

From your TreeCloudHost Site Control Panel, you will be able to immediately guard all of the photographs within your web sites from being employed anywhere else without having your authorization. And you’ll achieve this with simply a couple of clicks of your computer mouse making use of our Hotlink Protection tool.

Everything you need to make is actually decide on the domain you would like to take care of and trigger the Hotlink Protection. Modifications will work as soon as possible and your pics will be shielded from illegal employment and data transfer thievery.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Automatic generation of .htaccess files

At TreeCloudHost, you will have access to the .htaccess file of your website, so that you will make as many adjustments as you wish. Adding only a couple of lines to the configuration file, you can easily redirect your web site to a different url, or arrange security password protection for a selected directory, and so on.

When using the effective .htaccess Generator within the Site Control Panel, you no longer need to have any knowledge about .htaccess files whatsoever. Merely tell the tool what you need to do and for which site, and after that click the Save button. TreeCloudHost’s smart program will create the .htaccess file for you in seconds.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Stop malevolent IPs out of your website

If you want to block out a spammer from reaching your website, an online troll in your message board or even a a pack of IPs flooding your web site, you need to make the most of TreeCloudHost’s simple–to–use IP blocking tool. It allows one to instantly block an IP address or a full IP variety from ever using your web site.

TreeCloudHost’s IP Blocking tool is admittedly uncomplicated. All you should actually do is type in, the IP address (and / or addresses) that you want to block and click the action button. All the IP addresses you’ve inserted will be blocked without delay.

IP Blocking

PHP configuration

Alter the PHP rules for your site

For all of the cloud hosting deals from TreeCloudHost, you have the option to choose the PHP release for your websites – from older PHP releases just like PHP 4 up to the newest stable editions. You can do that with merely a click. All of the adjustments are implemented promptly. For every single PHP build, you can get the php.ini file for use on your site, so that you’ll be able to totally alter the way PHP works for you.

We offer a structured interface, which enables you to speedily modify the most important PHP controls. Anytime, you could also go back to the standard settings to bring back a backup.

PHP Configuration

Cron Jobs

Set automated planned tasks

If there is some survey that you need to run everyday, or, maybe there are many automatic jobs you’d like your site to perform, then cron jobs are really what you require. Through the TreeCloudHost Site Control Panel, you can quickly set and manage all sorts of cron jobs. We have got produced an effortless method to create a cron job. It’s going to take under a minute for any brand new job for being appointed for execution.

Cron jobs are obtainable with all our cloud hosting offers. Every single of them encompasses a distinct variety of cron jobs. Further cron jobs can be obtained as an upgrade if you wish.

Cron jobs

Password Protection

Easy way to give protection to all your files

Password protection is known as a method to protect your website by using a username and password so that only pre–specified users can access it. For example, you will need security password protection in case you create your site and don’t wish search engines or other individuals to find it prior to it being all set or when you’d like to make a private folder for your web site with authorized entry.The Password Protection tool included in the TreeCloudHost Site Control Panel will enable you to achieve this with simply a few mouse–clicks. You’ll be the only one that knows the username and password needed to sign in if you don’t share them with another person.

The security password will be stored in an encoded format, so no individual is able to find it or check it out. You alone, as the website owner will be in a position to change it.

Password Protection

URL redirection

URL re–direction with merely a few mouse–clicks

With the TreeCloudHost Site Control Panel, you are able to swiftly direct your domain name to another spot by way of TreeCloudHost’s URL Redirection instrument. It’s truly simple to operate – everything you need to actually do is identify precisely where your domain name will be directed to. No need for virtually any .htaccess files, PHP redirections whatsoever, DNS settings, etc. to be set. Your website can be rerouted for the new place in an instant.

You can actually stop the domain re–direction any time. Everything you are required to actually do is navigate to the URL Redirection instrument and then disable the domain re–direction. After that your web site will begin to start pointing to its primary location.

URL Redirection